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Click this LINK TO STREAM AND/OR DOWNLOAD the Jam-After "Basement Tapes".
Just click on that link to take you to the cumulative archive of our recordings of the jam that follows the Featured Artist performance at the Thursday night open jam at Jimmy Mac's Overtime Grill, here in Eugene, Oregon. We provide, directly to the Featured Artist, 10 CDs of their performance, but we do not include that performance in this archive without the explicit permission of the Featured Artist. If you want to hear the jam sets afterwards, how your friends sounded, or how your shreds fit in, this is the place. With the above hyperlink, you can either listen to the stream or download the MP3 file, and either on your computer or your smartphone.

And when the Featured Artists approve, you'll find their opening sets here, too. Click to download Featured Artist's Form.

Remember: The West Side Blues Jam, it's the only place to be on a Thursday night.
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Jimmy Mac's Overtime Grill, 770 S Bertelsen Rd, Eugene, OR 97402 - (541) 342-5028